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Facts Don’t Lie -

Healthcare Website is Crucial for Success

As the power and outreach of digital platforms grow, just like buyers, patients too are now searching online for healthcare service providers including hospitals, and doctors. And this is clearly evident from these statistics that show us that :


77 percent of health related research starts over the web

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21 percent patients leverage their search for discovering new hospitals

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Search engines and hospital websites are among the top sources for patients research that they do prior to scheduling an appointment

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47 percent of the patients are inclined to opting for a healthcare facility if it has good online reviews.

To attract, engage and influence patients to choose your healthcare services over others, you need a website that speaks for and reflects of your true and caring image—with a long-lasting impact, and makes them act by taking the desired action in your favour.

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Website is Your Strongest Asset, Use it the Right Way - Build Your Brand and Drive Revenues

Unleash the true power of your facility website by using it as your strongest digital marketing asset. Remember your website is the virtual gateway to your facility, so make sure that it is welcoming, and impressionable. Use the power of custom website design and development to build your brand by creating long-lasting relationships with your patients and delivering them experiences that compel them to refer your healthcare services to other patients. And this is exactly what Refresh Healthcare does.

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We design and develop user-friendly and high-converting websites for hospitals and healthcare service providers. We create website designs that both SEO and user-friendly. From easy navigations, to proven layout based on A/B testing to the colour theme, text layout and flow, at Research Healthcare our web designers combine their experience and expertise to create a website that helps you not just increase search engine visibility but also attract targeted leads and compel them to visit your facility.

More Benefits of a Powerful Healthcare Website

By investing in website design services from us, your hospital or clinic can benefit greatly. Here’s how:


You don’t have to pay ransom amount of money for referral businesses which by the way can go up to 50 percent in some cases. We create website designs that deliver superior user experiences thereby compelling your current patients to refer your services to other patients. So, you generate your own referrals.


It acts as a PATIENT-MAGNET attracting both local and international patients to come to your facility for medical tourism.


Helps new patients form positive opinions about your facility.


Makes you stand out from the crowd.

A well-designed website is the first step towards building trust and credibility to help you generate more sales.

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We Take Web Designing and Development Seriously

You can enjoy all these benefits and more when you get your hospital website designed and developed from us because unlike other design company we don’t just create beautiful layouts; we create result-driven and profit-churning designs after doing comprehensive legwork at the backend.

Along with A/B and split testing, our design and development team also spends time in understanding patient online journey, behaviour, and business goals. We make sure that the content, UX flow, UI and design are all in-sync so that your website is easy to browse through and delivers excellent user experience much needed for patients to formulate a positive opinion about your facility and schedule an appointment with you.

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digital marketing for your healthcare business