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The healthcare landscape has become highly dynamic and competitive, making it difficult to attract patients and convince them to choose your facility as the go-to place for care. Also, patients today prefer to search for hospitals online. This is clearly evident from the fact that 77% of health related research begins with a search-engine and that 47% of patients are willing to choose a facility that has better online reviews. All these figures trigger one thing and that is the growing need for hospitals to invest in quality internet healthcare marketing services. And this is where we come into the picture!

At Refresh Healthcare, we can help you not only engage and attract patients but also influence their facility selection decision in your favour! And that is not an overstatement. We can provide you with well-rounded and customized healthcare online marketing solutions with a mix of proven strategies that create a powerful presence over the web.

From highly-engaging and user-friendly websites which are accessible across platforms, to creating strong social media presence, to improving SEO ranking so that your website is found easily by your targeted audience in top searches to reputation management, we can design individualized marketing plans for you that help you increase your online business visibility and compel patients to choose your healthcare services over the competition.

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84% healthcare companies are digitally in-active.

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digital marketing for your healthcare business