How a Mobile-Friendly Healthcare App Improves Your Chances to Stand Out

Gaurav Dhingraby Gaurav Dhingra11 June, 2021

All thanks to the fast-paced industry of today, we are becoming more tech-dependent than ever. Customers demand quicker and efficient solutions that exceed their demands. Though not very perceptible, we are now seeing the same trends in the healthcare industry too.

Healthcare marketers and hospitals are looking for ways to boost engagement, increase the level of satisfaction, attract a wider niche and improve the overall experience of every patient that visits them. What if a mobile-friendly healthcare app could do that? Would you not want to build one?

You certainly will and this is exactly what smart marketers are doing today.

With increasing reliance on mobile phones, this serves as the perfect opportunity to grab their attention and set a new benchmark for your organization. In fact, we think it will be the best thing for your hospital. Why? Let’s take a look!

1. Encourage Patients to Manage their Wellbeing

Mobile-friendly health apps make patients become an active participant in managing their health. Most patients complain that doctors don’t always update about one’s condition in detail. However, when the patient history, appointment details, and prescriptions are documented digitally, it keeps the patient in the loop throughout the course of treatment. Having access to these resources and tools makes them more connected and stick to a wellness regime.

This results in an improved overall experience that boosts customer satisfaction. A mobile-friendly health app also keeps patients updated about the additional services offered by the hospital, encourage the daily tracking of their health and promote awareness and education about many diseases.

2. Boosts Brand Image

For any institution, the brand image is what matters the most. If we talk about hospitals in general, patients always feel reluctant going to a new physician than going to one they already know from before. Same goes for hospitals. With competition increasing by the minute, the only two areas where hospital managements can rank higher is customer satisfaction and engagement.

Both of these can be handled in an effective manner with the use of mobile-friendly apps. Patients can look up to you, find information about you, view photo gallery, take a virtual tour and connect with you on social platforms. All these will boost their experience and promote your brand too.

3. Streamline Logistics

Billing, appointments, and cancellations are usually some of the less efficient and time-consuming processes when a patient picks up a call or visits the hospital. They are often told to wait for several minutes before they are told that no slots are empty or that the doctor won’t be in the hospital during those particular hours requested.

What a mobile-friendly app will do is eliminate all such processes. A list of empty slots can be updated in the app so that the patient is aware of it all the time. The automation will save time and streamline the process. Moreover, the patients can receive notifications and reminders about their upcoming appointments or cancel an appointment when they know they won’t be able to make it in time. The automated cancellation will take less time and inform other potential patients about the empty slot with a reminder. This way, hospitals will retain patients.

If we have you convinced about the development of a mobile-friendly healthcare app, then you will need someone who not only has the knowledge but also experience to come up with a responsive web layout. The person must be able to develop content that connects with the audience and helps you promote your brand, keeping the competition in mind.

We, at Refresh Healthcare, can help you with it. We have a team of highly-competent web designers, graphic designer and content developers who know exactly what you are looking for. Reach out to us today and share with us your ideas and we will put them into practice.

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