Marketing to Millennials: How They Are Changing the Healthcare Marketing Landscape

Gaurav Dhingraby Gaurav Dhingra30 November, 2017

Leading India forward today are it’s over 830 million millennials and Generation Z-ers. Boasting one of the biggest workforces, they are helping the country move forward at an unparalleled rate, offering marketers an opportunity to connect with them.

Millennials are more tech-savvy, more accepting of other cultures, more aware of social issues and are more vocal about their opinions on those issues. These are some of the defining characteristics of Millennials and GenZ.

The exposure to the digital world at an early age have shaped this generation’s demands, needs and expectations –all of which are things that marketers need to take into account. If we just take into consideration statistical data from India, there were over 213 million Facebook users in the mid in the second quarter of 2017 as reported here.

When it comes to healthcare marketing, millennials are very open about what they want. Strategies that worked with generations before are not going to be effective or applicable to Millennials and they have to be modified to cater them specifically. What exactly are their needs? Let’s take a detailed look below!

1. Strategy that not only sells but educates

Millennials are all cost-conscious. They expect transparency in healthcare marketing and want to know that they are dealing with genuine people. How do they know that? By using Google! They expect marketers to be transparent in their fee structures and shape social media advertising in a way that not only sells but also educates.

2. Transparency and Reliability

Before going to any healthcare institution, a millennial will visit the online profile if there is one. Therefore, physicians, healthcare doctors and facilities must have an up to date website with insightful content, positive patient experiences and flexibility. If the website is mobile-friendly that is even better as 94% of them have access to smartphones as per the survey results by Expedia in 2017.

3. Put social media to a better use

Social media is where they are most commonly found, which is why it is the perfect platform to reach out to them. Research reveals that 90% of millennials trust the medical information shared by their friends and family. This calls for the development of shareable content that will help marketers reach out better.


As for the strategies that must be adopted include:

Emphasize on educating rather than making a profit. They won’t be impressed with generic advertising, brochures that fly by or radio campaigning that never reaches them. Millennials will always value organizations that value their customer needs more than delivering a sales pitch. This means that when marketing to them online, be sure to have tons of informative content in your blogs, newsfeed and newsletters etc. as they love to learn.


Remind them about any appointments, prescriptions, approaching deadlines and follow checkups via automatic messages and emails so that they know that the institution cares for their wellbeing. The same text messages can be used to encourage appointment bookings, new drug promotions or any free checkup campaigns they can benefit from.


All of this is only possible when a well-designed website awaits them. A platform that circulates constructive information is easy to browse through, shares positive patient experiences that seem relatable etc.


At Refresh Healthcare, we help our customers with all this and much more. We offer our clients one-stop-shop solutions from content development, support services to website designing. We are a client-focused firm headquartered in Delhi NCR. Get in touch with us today via call or email and we shall put forward our best ideas in your interest.

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