The Uberification Trend: How Can it Affect Your Healthcare Business?

Gaurav Dhingraby Gaurav Dhingra31 December, 2019

Uberification term is made famous by an iconic business model introduced by Uber. Uberification is the trend that sees companies emulating the business model of Uber to bridge the gap between the company and its consumers and target audience. In this era of rising smartphone users, the concept of Uberification combines immediate service provider discovery & clear path to delivery with tracking, rapid payment, and provision of service more reasonably than other conventional options.

As hospitals continue to remain unaware, startups are cropping up everywhere that offer on-demand healthcare services with just a click of a button.Many Indian and international healthcare startups used the idea to launch platforms like Practo, Lybrate, Credi Health, 1MG, and many others to pull in specialists doctors with infrastructure to their platforms just like Uber did to the drivers with vehicles.

They are setting up the groundwork to do what Uber did to taxi cab services in the last ten years. If this continues, then Uberification in healthcare can go on to have a severe impact on your healthcare business, as in the end, you do not own any data of your customers and the customers cultivate the habit of reaching out to you more and more through these platforms. Download our ebook to take a detailed look at the potential dangers of Uberification and why there is a need to adopt a digital marketing strategy for hospitals.

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